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About Me

With over ten years of experience in digital and web designing, I have worked both for an advertising agency specialising in desktop publishing and on my own as a freelance graphic and web designer known as Red Note Designs. After having had a break from the field for a few years to study a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Art History and Classical Culture, as well as upgrading my web design skills through the study of the WordPress platform, I now specialises in web design only as a freelancer from home, under the name of ‘Ouch Mouse’.

Carla Sparrow: Qualified Digital & Web Publisher

Carla Sparrow - Ouch Mouse Web Designer

So what's with the name?

Ouch Mouse Question

Glad you asked! An ‘ouch mouse’ is a playful name for a hedgehog. A hedgehog is a solitary animal – I  work best in a solitary environment which is why I choose to work at home rather than in a busy office buzzing with people, meetings and ringing phones. I work strictly via online communication as a result – email, WhatsApp and Messenger. Not having to attend meetings and answer phone calls allows me to work productively and efficiently!


Damelin: Digital & Web Publishing • Issues: 2004

Intensive full time graphic & web design course including the study of the following programs / modules:

  • QuarkXPress
  • Macromedia Freehand
  • HTML 4
  • CoralDraw
  • Adope Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Corel PhotoPaint
  • Microsoft FrontPage (First Time User & Advanced)
  • Adobe Go Live
  • Design & Layout
Damelin Certificate
Portfolio - WordPress
Portfolio - HTML5
HTML 5 • Level 1
Portfolio - CSS3
CSS 3 • Level 1
Portfolio - Javascript
Javascript • Level 1