About Ouch Mouse

Ouch Mouse qualified as a digital and web designer in 2003. With over ten years of experience in digital and web designing, Ouch Mouse worked both for an advertising agency specialising in desktop publishing and on her own as a freelance graphic and web designer known as Red Note Designs. After having had a break from the field for a few years to study a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Art History and Classical Culture, as well as upgrading her web design skills through the study of the WordPress platform, Ouch Mouse now specialises in web design only as a freelancer from home, under the name of ‘Ouch Mouse’.

So what's with the name?

Glad you asked! An ‘ouch mouse’ is a playful name for a hedgehog. A hedgehog is a solitary animal – Ouch Mouse works best in a solitary environment which is why she chooses to work at home rather than in a busy office buzzing with people, meetings and ringing phones. Ouch Mouse works strictly via online communication as a result. Not having to attend meetings and answer phone calls allows Ouch Mouse to work productively and efficiently!